3 Ways For Instant Relaxation And De-stress

Stress has become such a frequent companion of our day that we often don’t realise how overwhelming it can be. When we are stressed, our bodies produce a jolt of adrenaline and hormones called glucocorticoids. In the past, this may have been helpful when we needed it to survive. But as the human race progressed, we have found less of a need for it. However, our bodies still react to the hormones and can be visible in the long term (eg. More prominent breakouts, eczema or psoriasis can reappear).

3 Ways For Instant Relaxation And Destress

Ever since I started my own business doing digital branding for clients (more here), the uncertainty and challenges of a start-up can get quite stressful and overwhelming. I sometimes find myself falling in the trap of not acknowledging the state that I’m in and often feel crushed by anxiety and pressure. So in spirit of de-stressing, here are a couple of tips I’ve found that helped me stay sane and relaxed along the path of entrepreneurship.

3 Ways For Instant Relaxation And Destress

3 Ways For Instant Relaxation And Destress

1. Go for hikes or run
A quick hike always helps me release any stress and anxiety that has bottled up inside of me. I always feel refreshed and energized after a good run!

2. Get enough sleep
Do you get enough sleep? I try to as I tend to feel sluggish, unmotivated and grumpy when I don’t. According to the National Sleep Foundation, the consequence from lack of sleep isn’t just dark eye circle, it can also lead to serious health problems such as heart problems, diabetes and weight gain.

3. Brew a great cup of tea
When I want to relax, I like to make myself a hot cup of organic tea. A refreshing blend of dandelion, senna leaves and green tea are traditionally good for cleansing toxins and reduce bloating. Schisandra chinensis has a powerful adaptogen known to protect the body from physical, mental and emotional stress. By selecting teas that contain these natural ingredients you will find yourself feeling more relaxed and calm. My ideal situation to sip on tea would either be while I’m having a long bath or pairing it with a sweet dessert. My newest discovery are organic teas by Zippy Sparkles.

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3 Ways For Instant Relaxation And De-stress

3 Ways For Instant Relaxation And De-stress 3 Ways For Instant Relaxation And De-stress

Do you have other ways you do to destress? I would love to hear from you in the comments below!

Photography by Ross Vickers


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