5 Things I Can’t Travel Without

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As you may have seen on my Instagram, I have been travelling a lot these couple of months. And I thought it would be the perfect time to share with you the 5 things I cannot travel without! Are you ready? Because these may be your next 5 to bring along with you on your next trip!

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1. Face Mist
Something I rave about way too much, but hey you can blame me for staying hydrated right? Spray a couple of sprays on your face when you’re on the plane to keep your skin fresh even when you’re many miles up in the clouds.
5 Things I Can’t Travel Without


2. Neck Pillow
Always an essential when I’m on a short or long haul flight so I can ensure I get a good rest without any neck pains. I usually opt for a pillow that make of a firmer cushion for extra support.

5 Things I Can’t Travel Without


3. Laundry Bag
For those who also feel like they over pack? Laundry bags are your go to items for packing as much as you can in your suitcase. This also allows to categorise your clothing items properly so its easy to sort through when you unpack.

5 Things I Can’t Travel Without


4. Tiger Balm
This work wonders when I’m travelling anywhere. Tiger balm is a life saver to cure travel sickness, headaches, allergies or even mosquito bites!

5 Things I Can’t Travel Without


5. Hair Curler
This is a recent find for me that was introduced to me by a friend! And I am completely obsessed with how easy it is to use and set my curls everyday for any occasion.
5 Things I Can’t Travel Without


Do you have a must have you can’t travel without? I would love to hear what it is in the comments below!

Videography by Ross Vickers.


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