6 Best Wedding Gift Ideas

It’s officially wedding season and if you’re reading this, you may be attending one or two weddings this year! It’s never too late to plan and start buying gifts for your newlywed friends. Wedding registries aren’t the only places to turn to for wedding gift ideas because I’ve got you covered!  No more scrolling through Pinterest or screenshotting on Instagram, because I’ve curated a list of thoughtful wedding gifts any newlyweds would undoubtedly love!

1. A Thoughtful Gifting Basket
Give the bride and groom something unique that could be very helpful to them when they move in together. Curate a gifting basket with quality items such as dinnerware, nice towels, candles or silverware!

6 Best Wedding Gift Ideas

  1. FORNASETTI Champagne Tray
  2. Moncler Beach Towel
  3. FORNASETTI incense box
  4. FORNASETTI ‘Astronomici’ scented candle
  5. FORNASETTI Silence pillow
  6. FORNASETTI 2017 calendar plate
  7. DIPTYQUE Vetyver Scented Candle

2. Money
This is always a very safe option when it comes to gifting. Instead of just handing over the money in an envelope. You can gift this in a creative way! Try folding or rolling the cash individually and tie them onto a pot on orchid flowers. Another way is to roll the cash individually and place them in a nice little wooden box with confetti sprinkled round!

3. Couple Spa Day
Offer the couple with something special on their honeymoon and gift them with a relaxing spa day in their honeymoon location. A relaxing day guaranteed and everyone loves a spa day to unwind!

4. Helicopter Ride
If you can chip in with some friends, gift the newlyweds a once in a lifetime experience they will remember forever! A helicopter ride over the city is a great present for them to enjoy a spectacular view of a city like no other.

5. Wine Tasting Session
What’s not to love about wine tasting?

6. Personal Chef Service
Gift the newlyweds a memorable night with a chef service or private kitchen evening just for two! Not only is this a unique gift, it will truly be a night to remember while enjoying a sumptuous meal.

Do you have a gifting idea you would like to share? Let me know in the comments below!



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