7 Ways To Be Highly Productive

When it comes to work, I always find myself working on many different things at once. For instance, I’ll be emailing clients one second then checking my newsletter in the inbox, that then directs me to an online article and I end up going off tangent as I start researching for my next trip on Instagram or Pinterest. As a result, I end up not getting much done during the day and wind up getting stressed out cramming everything during the night. Any of this sounds familiar to you?

So in order to cut off the bad habit of constantly being distracted, I’ve discovered some methods that have helped me get back on track with my working style. If any of you are experiencing something similar, hopefully this is something that can be of help to you!

SO here we go:
1. Prioritize sleep
Sleep is a very vital part to start my day right, if I don’t get at least 7 hours of sleep I can’t function normally throughout the day.7 Ways To Be Highly Productive

2. Make your bed every morning
This simple task seems so easy but helps a lot and makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something even before I start my day.7 Ways To Be Highly Productive

3. Plan your day
Wake up with a plan every day by setting it the week or the night before. Use a note pad, diary or calendar check list to jot down the top 3 tasks you need completed for that day. This doesn’t only help you focus but also makes sure you get everything you’ve set out to accomplish for that day. 7 Ways To Be Highly Productive

7 Ways To Be Highly Productive

4. Give yourself a realistic timeline
For every goal or task you set for yourself, be realistic about how long that particular task will take and plan it in your day/ week accordingly. Planning to accomplish more then you can handle will only create more stress and anxiety for yourself.7 Ways To Be Highly Productive

5. Take strategic breaks
Make sure to give yourself time to relax and gain a unique perspective every hour or two. You can do this by simply getting out of your workspace to grab a coffee, talk to your colleagues or get some fresh air in the terrace for a couple minutes.7 Ways To Be Highly Productive

6. Make time to socialize and do exercise
Although it is important to get your task done before the deadlines. Take time to meet up with friends and family over a nice dinner or a nice run in the park. Doing exercise as short as 15 minutes a day can help release endorphins that simulate more positivity and wellbeing, resulting in more productivity.7 Ways To Be Highly Productive

7. Reflect daily
Take time to reflect on the tasks and goals you have set and accomplished. If you haven’t completed all of them, don’t stress! Instead, ask yourself why didn’t you complete it on time, how can you better improve time management, and set realistic goals to improve productivity.7 Ways To Be Highly Productive

That’s all for now, hope you found these tips helpful. Let me know in the comments below if there are other methods you use to stay productive!

Photography by Ross Vickers.

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  1. April 26, 2017 / 12:40 am

    Couldn’t agree more! I find myself most productive a few hours after I have a good sleep as well! x

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