Discover Villa Montareso

Discover Villa Monastero

On our last day of the road trip, we were heading back north toward Germany for a 10 hour drive. But obviously it wouldn’t be a road trip without a couple of stop overs here and there. Since we were leaving from Lake Como, we decided to hit up another villa located in the centre of the Lake in a town called Varenna!


There are numerous villas and museums to see in Lake Como, so at first it was hard to pick which ones to go to with the limited time we had. But thanks to google, I was able to make a list and searched up the places so I could judge them by picture to decide which ones to visit! As soon as I saw image of Villa Monastero, I couldn’t take my eyes away from the beauty of this particular villa. And let me tell you, it did not disappoint!

Discover Villa Monastero

Discover Villa Monastero

Villa Monastero is surrounded by a spectacular and fascinating botanical garden which extends for two kilometres from Varenna to Fiumelatte. Once a Cistercian female convent built with various styles, but now open for tourist visits. When that isn’t the case it hosts many important conferences and lecture workshop (including multiple talks from Nobel Laureates.)

Taking a walk along the extensive botanical garden that lines the shoreline of the lake was truly breathe taking… it felt like I was being transported back in time; with baroque styled fountains and balconies to enjoy the lake view and mountains. It was an experience like no other, and if you even get the chance to visit Lake Como, Villa Montareso should be on that list!

Discover Villa Monastero

Discover Villa Monastero Discover Villa Monastero


Discover Villa Monastero
Stay tuned for my next post this week on my next destination of the road trip!

I want to know, if you could go anywhere in the entire world where would you go?

Photography by Ross Vickers.


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