How To Draw On Vans + Workshop Announcement

Today I’m really excited to show you something I’ve been getting a lot of questions about from the past few years. For those of you who may not know, I started my own little business 5 years ago called Hadiwibawa (see more here). This is where I sold customise design canvas shoes online. What started as a school project turned into something so much more than I imagined… Since then, I have created over 100 bespoke designs for clients and commercial companies alike. I’ve been drawing on canvas shoes for the last five years, but it still amazes me how much you can do with a pair of plain canvas shoes to this day! So, the day has come where I can show you a part of my creative process and give you a glimpse of what’s like behind what I do as a creative.

Keep scrolling to watch and see how to draw on a pair of Vans and join me in my first workshop on the Saturday 16th December 2017. I will be teaching a class on how to customise your very own canvas shoes that you will be able to bring home on the day. You will be taught how to draw on a pair of shoes from start to finish. Price is HK$850 per person, this includes a pair of canvas shoes, all materials used and a 3 hour workshop with me.

For more details and to sign up click HERE!

How To Draw On Vans + Workshop AnnouncementHow To Draw On Vans + Workshop AnnouncementHow To Draw On Vans + Workshop Announcement

Watch How To Draw On Vans


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