How To Pack Smarter

Hi guys, at the moment I’m in the process of packing for my upcoming trip to Koh Samui. I’m really excited about this work trip where we’ll be shooting lots of cool stuff and exploring new places, so I thought I’d share with you some super easy tips when packing for your next trip. This blog only has half of the tips so keep scrolling to the end and watch the video for all 6 tips! You can thank me later 😉

How to maximize space
First off, lets talk about packing clothes to maximize your luggage space. I tend to over pack so this trip helps me with packing all the items I want to bring along with my trip. A tip that I always use is roll anything and everything, well not everything, mostly the clothes that you plan to bring along with you!

How To Pack Smarter
How to pack wrinkle free
For clothes that you may need for a special occasion and you don’t want to wrinkle any of your clothes. When you get to the destination and you’re still afraid your clothes may be creased. Take to the next step, once you have arrived I your hotel and start unpacking, you can also hang your garments up in the bathroom so the steam from your shower also serves as an iron for your fancy dress or shirt.

How To Pack Smarter
How to pack jewellery
To avoid jewellery getting tangled, I always place them in a pill box with different slots inside so that it’s easy to navigate. For necklaces, put a straw through your one side of the chain to ensure its always where it should be.

How To Pack Smarter

I hope you found the tips in my first video helpful. Let me know in the comments below what your favourite tips were and if you have others you can share with me!

Photography and Videography by Ross Vickers.


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