Just Us And Positano

Just Us And Positano

Positano is the known as the crown jewel of Amalfi Coast, with an abundance of sun, sea, beaches and limoncello. What’s not to love about this romantic cliffside town that sits on the south of the Italian sea! Italy has always been one of my favourite countries to visit, and every town and city brings a new charm in the trip itself. So, when Stephan and I were deciding where to visit this summer, it wasn’t hard to pick a place! We booked our tickets to Naples and drove along the windy, narrow road of Amalfi coast to get to Positano. Keep reading to see how it was just us and Positano!

Just Us And Positano

Stephan and I arrived in Positano without much of a plan, as we wanted to take our time to relax and explore what Positano had to offer. Every store front, café and beach is where you’d want to spend hours to soak in the Italian goodness, so it was perfect that we allowed a lot of time to do just that- soaking it in… Every corner of this town is so photogenic, it was hard not to pick up my camera and snap something every so often. But then again, if I didn’t do so this post wouldn’t be filled with the beautiful imagery captured to convince you to see it for yourself! As we savoured each day with plenty of sunshine along the Amalfi coast, we were also diving into the plates of pasta and pizza to fill our bellies, it was the best holiday any one could ask for.

Thanks to the contribution of Instagram and Pinterest, Positano has become as very popular destination for international tourist as well as wedding destinations for many. So you can imagine, this place can get easily crowded with tourist bustling in and out of the streets and beaches. The best way, by far, is to see the place when everyone is asleep. So we decided to get up bright and early one morning to enjoy the town all to ourselves. And I can tell you, it was so worth it! The town was so quiet and calm as we entered the empty beach, all we could hear was the sound of the ocean waves rippling back and forth. At that moment, I knew in that instance it was just us and Positano, seated on the beach, greeted by the first ray of day light. It was a moment I wish I could freeze and relive again and again. But at least the pictures will do for now…

Positano may have turned out to be one of the best trips I’ve ever been on. And I can’t wait to share with you a quick guide on this romantic seaside town this Friday! Stay tuned for a next blogpost and vlog of my full experience in Positano!

Have you ever been to Positano? Let me know in the comments below where else you think I should go for my next trip!

Photography by Stephan and yours truly.


Just Us And Positano

Just Us And Positano Just Us And Positano

Just Us And PositanoJust Us And PositanoJust Us And Positano

Just Us And Positano Just Us And Positano

Just Us And PositanoJust Us And Positano

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  1. August 2, 2017 / 11:19 pm

    very nice article. I love the photos especially with the lovely views of the city

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