Luxury Beach Villa – Koh Samui

Last week, I had an absolute pleasure to be invited to stay at the Chai Talay Estate in Koh Samui, Thailand (More here). The estate was very accessible, located only 30 minutes away from the Koh Samui airport but hidden along the coast for a very secluded getaway.

P.S. Make sure to scroll all the way down to watch my full video of the villa tour on my YouTube Channel!

Chai Talay Estate has three villas; Baan Puri, Baan Kilee and Baan Ora Chon. We were given the opportunity to stay in all three villas each night, to experience the unique features each of them offered. As we arrived, we were greeted by the kindest staff and welcome drinks before being led to our rooms. Not only were the rooms designed to be spacious and airy, all the interior was arranged with impeccable attention to detail.  Beautifully decorated with Thai furnishing, each space has been carefully put together to create a relaxing and authentic Thai atmosphere.

One on the highlights of this place was that all villas had three uniquely designed infinity pools right outside the rooms, overlooking the shoreline and stunning Five Islands beyond the coast. You can bet that my morning’s routine always started with a refreshing dip in the pool!

Luxury Beach Villa Tour Luxury Beach Villa Tour Luxury Beach Villa Tour

The estate has multiple rooms to accommodate 4-40 people, with various common spaces to relax or hang out with friends. This place is perfect for a family holiday reunion or simple private getaway. I felt like I never had leave, because the estate has a dedicated villa concierge to cater for every need. If you want to set up a movie room, have drinks by the pool or arrange a private massage session, the staff are more than happy to arrange that for you.

Luxury Beach Villa Tour Luxury Beach Villa Tour Luxury Beach Villa Tour

This was my favourite part of time when it came to dining! We were able to enjoy dining experiences in different locations around the estate, all with unique settings and ambiences. With the villa’s private chef to prepare meals with fresh local ingredients. Each experience was exceptional in its own way, from breakfast in the lounge, lunch at the pool, dinner in the garden or BBQ at the lawn overlooking the stunning sunset as a backdrop. Each dining experience was so memorable and I would do it all over again!

Luxury Beach Villa Tour

Its impossible to miss the beach right outside the villas, with this one being only one of two beaches in Koh Samui that is swimmable all year round. The villas were packed with countless activities to do during our stay. Including beach kayaks, paddleboards and volleyball setup that are easily accessible to use on the beach and at sea.

Luxury Beach Villa Tour

Luxury Beach Villa Tour

Luxury Beach Villa Tour

Retreats/ Events
The estate also hosts multiple wellness retreats every year, and we were able to get a little taste of it with a private instructor who came to the villa to teach us yoga, TRX, Muay Thai Boxing. To top it off, I even had the pleasant to experience a couple classes with our private chef. It was my first time learning how to create beautiful carvings on a watermelon and make Baan Kilee’s signature cocktail!

Luxury Beach Villa Tour Luxury Beach Villa Tour Luxury Beach Villa Tour

To conclude my stay, I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a beach holiday with an excellent all inclusive in-house service and authentic Thai experience. The estate is a true hidden gem just off the coast of Koh Samui and I felt right at home with the friendliest team of staff I have ever met. I’m already planning for the next time I’ll be back!

You can also book your stay here!

Photography and Videography by Ross Vickers.



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