How To Pack For A European Summer

How To Pack For A European Summer

It’s without question that the best summers are always spent in Europe! With the hot blazing sun and crystal clear waters of the south and the green grass fields and alps of the north. There’s no doubt you’d find me in Europe every summer (at least that’s a goal I’d like to make ever year now!) However, summers in Europe are unlike any other places- that’s why I’ve come up with a few easy and helpful tips on how to pack for your next European summer trip!

1. Pack Layers
One undeniable fact about European summer is the ever changing weather! It’s not a surprise when it can be sunny and dry one day to wet and humid the next. The climates can also drop quite drastically over the evening so it important to bring the right clothing.

Make sure to stay warm and stylish during those chilly night by packing clothes you can layer on. Select items with thin breathable fabric that will keep you warm early in the morning and easy to take off as the temperature rises during the day. I would normally opt for a light cotton cardigan, leather jacket or a thin Uniqlo down jacket that’s light to carry and easy to fold up.

How To Pack For A European Summer
2. Comfortable Footwear
When you’re touring around the city or coastline, it’s essential to wear comfortable footwear to walk around all day long without worrying about blisters. Pick ones that are good for everyday wear but also suitable for a nice evening dinner. I personally prefer slides as they are very easy to slip on and walk around but also formal enough for nicer occasions.

How To Pack For A European Summer

3. Back To Basics
It’s always important to pack light when you’re going on a long holiday so put some thought into what you pack in your suitcase. Don’t bring items that you will only wear once (unless its for a special occasion). It’s easier to bring basic tops and bottoms that will go well with most colours! For instance, a great pair of jeans or shorts and a plain coloured tops will always work for those hot day tours!

How To Pack For A European Summer
4. Stay Moisturized
If you have been watching my YouTube videos lately, I have mentioned this a couple of times and it is my ultimate must have! Always bring a face mist or moisturizer to keep your skin feeling fresh and hydrated! Hand creams and lotions are also great to prevent your skin from drying up in the drier climates.

How To Pack For A European Summer5. Book and Journals
Last but not least, a book or journal is always a good idea to bring along with you on a long haul flight. I also like to journal when I’m travelling to record the places I’ve seen or been to reflect on the good memories afterwards.

How To Pack For A European Summer
Do you have other must haves to bring along on every trip? If so, let me know in the comments below!


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