A Quick Guide To Mainz

One of the cities I stopped by for some time during my Europe trip was spend in the beautiful city of Mainz in Germany! As some of you may know, my boyfriend lives in Germany and Mainz is his hometown. I’ve visited this city several times, but there seems to be special charm to it that’s quiet captivating every time I visit . This time around, I was happy to be able to spend more time exploring and just enjoying the city with the best weather in spring!

A Quick Guide To Mainz

A Quick Guide To Mainz


Located on the river Rhine, this city is situated only 30 minutes away from Frankfurt. Mainz has many charming characteristics; with various points of interest and a mostly known for its old town, with half-timbered houses and medieval market squares.

A Quick Guide To Mainz

If you ever happen to plan a trip Germany, Mainz is a lovely city to visit. I’ve also curated a quick little guide if you wish to stay for a few or only one day in the pleasant city. (Keep scrolling to see my curated list of things to Do, See, Eat!) P.S. Vlog in Mainz coming soon on my Youtube Channel!

A Quick Guide To Mainz

The Mainz Cathedral | More than a 1000 years old, built with wooden pillow on water
The Rhein Promenade | The river Rhein flows from the Switzerland and end at the North Sea- The Netherlands
Stroll along Altstadt | The beautiful old town of Mainz is built with most pastel pink hues
A Quick Guide To Mainz

Wine tasting | on a Vineyard tour around Mainz
Wine & dine | at the Marktfruehstueck (Saturday Market Breakfast)
Volkspark | Relax & picnic at the public park with large greenery spaces to enjoy a beer or two
Visit the Gutenberg Museum| One of the oldest museums of printing in the world and worth a visit! This is named after Johannes Gutenberg, the inventor of printing from moveable metal type in Western Europe.
Johannes Fest | This is one of the highlights that Mainz hosts every year in memory of the book printing inventor Johannes Gutenberg. Usually at the end of June, the festival is packed with artist markets, printing workshops, carnival rides, stage performances and fireworks to end the 4 day celebration on the last day of this festival.

A Quick Guide To MainzA Quick Guide To Mainz
Hintz & Kuntz
| Great brunch and drinks place overlooking the Mainz cathedral

Heiliggeist | A café inside a cathedral, now there’s a first!

Dicke Lili, Gutes kind | A cute little spot for breakfast or brunch!

Mediterraneo | Authentic Italian restaurant that serves spaghetti from a huge parmesan barrel!

N’ Eis | The best ice cream in town, they offer different unique flavours every week!

A Quick Guide To Mainz

Do you have a favourite city in the world? Let me know in the comments below!

Photography by Ross Vickers.


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