The Ultimate Swimsuit Guide

In spirit of summer’s arrival, I thought it would be the perfect time to talk about swimwear ladies! I have been eyeing many pieces on the internet and can’t make up my mind on what to wear next for the summer season! But before the purchase, it important to know which ones to go for and make sure it’s the right one for your body. Nobody wants to have a swimsuit that’s either too tight or too loose when they’re in or out of the water. So without further ado, I have rounded up a couple tips you can pick up when you buy your next summer suit!
The Ultimate Swimsuit Guide

Try them all
Understanding your body type and knowing which swimsuit cuts work for you is key. So, do go and try out different swimsuit with various silhouettes. You’d be surprise how far your comfort zone may extend to different cuts and swimsuit shapes when you try them on!
The Ultimate Swimsuit Guide

The right fit
When in doubt, always try the 2 sizes closeest to your measurement. You don’t want to choose one that’s too loose because the swimsuits expand and may not provide proper support when you get in the water. So if you’re not sure, go with a smaller size or ones with adjustable straps and tie strings.
The Ultimate Swimsuit Guide
As trends are constantly changing, make sure you don’t just go for the trend of the moment. A good fit will always outweigh a trendy piece if it doesn’t flatter your body well. Recently I have been a big sucker for one piece swimsuits and cannot help but eye ball new ways brands interpret them. This is a great piece for all body types in my opinion, since this is sold in many different styles and gives great support.
The Ultimate Swimsuit Guide

Where will you be wearing it?
Its important to know what you’ll be wearing your swimsuit for. Is it to swim laps in the pool? Sun tan on the beach? Lounging at a resort? Or all these occasions? It’s important to wear a suitable swimsuit for different occasions. For instance, a cool cut-out swimsuit might be great to lounge at the pool, but may not be the best for getting a tan (unless you don’t mind weird tan lines!)
The Ultimate Swimsuit Guide
Do you have a favourite swimsuit style? Let me know in the comments below what your favourite one is!

Photography by Ross Vickers.



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