A Wedding Halfway Across The World

Last month, I had the pleasure of experiencing a wedding halfway across the worldFor those of you who may not know, my boyfriend Stephan grew up and lives in Germany. So when one of his friend got engaged, the bride invited me to come along to the wedding as well, which was definitely an event I didn’t want to miss! The funny thing isback in school they were dance partners for their ballroom dancing class together. And yes my boyfriend can dance 😉 

A Wedding Halfway Across The WorldA Wedding Halfway Across The World A Wedding Halfway Across The WorldA Wedding Halfway Across The World


A Wedding Halfway Across The World A Wedding Halfway Across The World

Although I have attended various weddings in the past, this was my first time attending one outside of Hong Kong. I know this may seem a little over reactive, but I couldn’t contain my excitement when I found out I was going to attend a wedding in Germany! The wedding ceremony and reception was held in Mainz (Stephan’s home town), therefore it was very convenient for us to get  by car. The day started with a few patches of showers during the day. But as the day went by, the sky cleared up to a beautiful cloudless afternoon and a nice breeze in the evening. Fortunately, the events were held indoors so that didn’t affect the itinerary of the wedding.

The bride and groom exchanged their vows at the wedding ceremony in their local church. After the formal ceremony, the reception was held in a winery hotel close to the vineyard with beautiful scenery in the backdrop (you could even see sheeps from a distance!)  As we arrived to reception, we were offered champagne to toast to the newly wed couple. Although the wedding was mostly conducted in German, Stephan was kind enough to translate most of the ceremony and making sure I had a great time.

One of my favourite things about this wedding was the photo booth that had endless prints for you to snap and collect! Definitely a smart way to keep your guest entertained between meals and activities. Speaking of meals… we were served fresh seasonal cuisines paired with local tradition wine and various desserts to end our meal the dining reception. Dancing the night away and getting our groove on with the newly wed couple was the perfect way to end to the evening. Stay tuned for my vlog on this event coming soon!

Have you ever attended a wedding outside of your home city? I’d love to hear about it, let me know in the comments below!